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Mothers' Union News

COMUN is a publication which is produced annually in the United Diocese and features news and pictures from events around the Diocese.
It is produced in full colour and is a wonderful platform for Branches to promote themselves in all that they do to support worldwide projects and projects within their own community.

Articles and photographs for COMUN should be sent to the MU Diocesan Secretary, Margaret Jacob ~

If people are featured or named in photographs please ensure that you have their permission before sending them in for publication.

Written permission must be received from parents/guardians if children feature in a photograph, even if they only appear in the background and a copy of this permissionshould be forwarded with the photograph.

Canon Barbara Fryday, Lesley Bayley, Margaret Jacob,
Bishop Pat Storey & Joan Blake
COMUN wins First Prize in The Media Competition
in The Affiliated Category at Synod 2018

Cashel, Ferns & Ossory Mothers' Union were delighted to receive this award for the publication "COMUN" and four members of the Trustee Board were present to collect the prize.

The Judges had the following to say about the publication:

‘A well put together magazine, with plenty of colour and good quality photographs throughout the spreads and a wide range of content. The report from the Ploughing Championships has an outreach opportunity. Well done!’

Click on the image above to download Focus


FOCUS is an All-Ireland publication which is normally produced twice yearly, a Spring and an Autumn edition. It comes free and is funded by a grant from Mums in May. Currently due to Covid restrictions it is only available to download.

FOCUS features All-Ireland news and each Diocese submits an article promoting what is happening in Mothers' Union in their area. Future editions also hope to feature an article from each of the All-Ireland Unit Co-Ordinators detailing news of what is happening in each Unit

The current editor of FOCUS is our Diocesan Secretary & Co-ordinator for Fund Raising and Communication, Margaret Jacob.

Families Worldwide

Families Worldwide is a worldwide Mothers’ Union members resource.

Families Worldwide includes a daily prayer diary, Wave of Prayer, and, over each year, individual  profiles of the work of Mothers' Union in more than 80 countries around the world.

The Wave of Prayer also appears on our website

The  cost of Families Worldwide is included in the annual membership charge and two editions are distributed during the year.

The latest edition is available to download. Click on the image.

Families First

Families First magazine is a tool through which we share the trials and testimonies of  families and individuals touched at every level of family life - from  birth to death. Rather than plying our readers with stories of why  breast is possibly best; we tell the stories of those many women who,  for whatever reason, are not able to have children and so cannot even  make that decision. Rather than showcase a pick of the best retirement  homes in the area we look at how people cope when a loved one is  bereaved after a lifetime together.

No one likes being told what to do and so we try and steer clear of  “experts” and talk to people who have really been there, lived there and  walked in those shoes. Then we ask them how they coped and we share  those experiences with our readers and we believe that’s how we can  build each other up. Testimonies are biblical. And we put God first.
But there's a light-hearted side too! We also have regular pieces on  wellbeing, teenagers, children's arts and crafts pages, film, book and  music reviews, GREAT competitions and puzzles and prizes.

Profits from sales of Families First magazine support the work of Mothers’ Union in fighting poverty, injustice and tackling family issues.
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