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Diocesan Council Meetings



Autumn Council 2017

The Autumn Council Meeting for 2017 took place in The Faith Mission Centre in Durrow on Tuesday 24th October.

Canon Barbara Fryday began the morning by celebrating Holy Communion with all those who attended the meeting.

We were delighted to welcome Peter Clampett, All-Ireland Treasurer, and his wife to the meeting. We are very grateful to Peter for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend the meeting and explain the new accounting procedures, which are required by the Charity Regulator, to all present. Peter allayed the fears of many as he clarified many of the concerns and questions Branches had regarding how they keep their accounts.

During the meeting Revd. Margaret, our Diocesan President, paid tribute to Lilia Harper and Cecily Jones for all of their work with the MU Enterprise stall over the last number of years. A presentation was made to Lilia by Revd. Margaret. Cecily was unable to attend the meeting in Durrow but we are delighted that she has now taken over liaising with Indoor Members in the Ferns and Leighlin Area.

Revd. Margaret wished Phyllis Foot well as she has taken over the running of the MU Enterprise stall.

The Faith Mission Centre, Durrow

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